Hi there. I'm Kas (she/her). I'm a twenty-something college student, I have an awesome girlfriend, and I'm getting an art degree. My focus is printmaking, which is pretty fun to do. I love playing D&D, I'm in a 3 year long campaign that's still going strong. Maybe I'll make a page dedicated to my character ;). I love creating, all kinds of stuff. Digital art, zines, prints, pins, even ceramics when I have access to it. I wish I could do art and just make a living off of it, but that doesn't feel very possible. My job is graphic design though, but I'm not enjoying it as much as I used to. It's work, and it's somewhat stable for now. I took a short HTML coding class back in high school, and I don't remember everything. So if little things in this site get fiddly, I'm working on it. I took some inspiration for this site from the Star Trek computer interface (LCARS) that appears on the screens.

This site is a passion project. I watched a video about the "Indie Web" and I thought a project like this might be really interesting. The Yesterweb community has also been really cool. I'll make a tab or blog post or something to talk more specifically about why I'm doing this. In short, it's because I want my own piece of the internet where I am not obligated to polish my life or my interests for the consumption of others. I'm still on Tumblr for this exact reason. It's the last social hold out where people are still mostly anonymous that has its own unique culture. (And it's possible that it could die soon, I'll talk more about that in a blog post).

Take a look around, I'll add links to cool shit, and I'll add blog posts to talk about things in greater detail in the diary tab. If you want to talk to me, check my contact tab. I don't think I'm an expert in anything, but that's not gonna stop me from sharing.